Welcome to Maya Makes It!

I’m so glad that you’re here! Here I’ll share some of the recipes I’ve created and all of my food adventures! I am an absolute foodie and I’m always in the kitchen cooking something. Be sure to follow the blog so you can stay up to date on all of my new recipes and check out my YouTube channel where I have full videos and instructions for the recipes listed on this site!

Try some of my recipes!

Here’s what I’ve been making lately

  • Spring Pasta Salad
    I am a fan of all things lemon! Lemon slices, lemon dressing, lemon soap, etc. etc. I think that many people will agree with me in saying that lemon scents are often so refreshing and make them think about springtime. I created this spring pasta salad because I think it is the perfect side dishContinue reading “Spring Pasta Salad”
  • Chicken Tetrazzini
    This recipe is one that my mom has made for as long I can remember. I’ve tweaked it a little but it’s warm and delicious and is great for an easy weeknight dinner! I’m not sure why it’s called tetrazzini (haha) but I know that this dish is delicious! Check out the full recipe belowContinue reading “Chicken Tetrazzini”
  • Christmas Tree Cupcakes
    This is the type of dessert that will leave your guests talking well after the meal has ended! These Christmas tree cupcakes are a show stopper and equally delicious. After seeing a clip of someone eating these cupcakes in a video in Instagram, I thought they were so pretty and I decided to try myContinue reading “Christmas Tree Cupcakes”

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